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HVAC system operation tips

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Some helpful tips on AVAC systems operation

Our well-experienced and competent technicicnas gave some useful tips on HVAC system operation. Follow our professionals advices to keep the equipment in a good state for a long time.

  When operating heating systems, the following must be provided:

  • uniform heating of all heating devices
  • filling of the upper points of the system
  • the temperature of the return network water at the outlet of the heating system should not exceed 5 C of the value of the temperature graph at the corresponding outdoor air temperature.
  • the maximum surface temperature of the heating devices must not exceed the sanitary standards for the corresponding heated room.

  Before the start of the heating season and after the completion of the repair, the heating systems are subjected to hydraulic pressing:

If the results of the pressure test do not meet the specified conditions, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the leaks, and then re-check the tightness of the system.

 Free access to heating devices must be provided. The fittings must be installed in places accessible for service.

The technical operation of the heating system includes the following activities:

  • inspections of the heating system;
  • draining water and filling the system with water;
  • elimination of leaks of heating devices and pipelines;
  • hydraulic tests and hydro pneumatic flushing of the heating system;
  • adjustment and adjustment of the heating system.

To repair the heating system, it is necessary to drain the water from the heating system, and after completion of the repair work, refill it. The system must not be left empty, as it undergoes increased corrosion in the empty state. The system is filled with water slowly with open taps, including air ones, through the return line, taking frequent breaks so that no air locks or bags form.